Mentors Needed

We have numerous male applicants from the Beloit and Milwaukee area that are in need of mentors in order to attend Class 37 which starts July 21st. This is a great opportunity to help a young man to make a positive change in their life. The requirements for a mentor are listed below. Please contact us at (608) 269-4605 if you are willing to help.



The Wisconsin Challenge Academy is an alternative education program designed to reclaim the lives of at-risk youth and produce graduates with the values, skills, education and self-discipline necessary to succeed as adults.

Graduate Turner - Class 35
I am so GRATEFUL for the Challenge Academy and ALL the staff who have helped CHANGE so many young men and women lives, getting them all to see life in a good way, showing/teaching them self control, respect and making better choices in life… My son just graduated in Class 32! SO PROUD OF ALL of the cadets.

Leslie Kremer, Parent of Class 32 Graduate

I consider myself a fairly smart person, not because of my education, but because of what I’ve learned of my experience as a cadet, and from the opportunities Challenge opened up for me, like AmeriCorps for example.

Senior Cadet Fedie, Class 27 Graduate

Eligibility Criteria

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Males and Females 16 & 9 months - not yet 19

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Expelled, dropped out, not attending, or over one year behind in credits

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Not currently on parole or adult probation (juvenile supervision/probation is OK)

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Never charged, indicted, or convicted of a felony (as a juvenile or an adult)

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A citizen or legal resident of the United States and resident of Wisconsin

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Voluntary—no court orders or placements