Application Process

1.    Fill out the application.

You can request an application be mailed/emailed/faxed to you by calling (608) 269-4605 or you can go to our website ( and download the application form. Once downloaded, the form can be simply printed or you can use Adobe Reader® to fill in the form electronically; then save, print, sign and send in.

2.    Send in the Application along with supporting documents to the Academy.

If you have completed the first two pages of the application and have the school verification form complete with transcripts, we recommend you send them in even before the rest of the application is complete in order to begin the process and get you scheduled for Orientation.


Fax:         (608) 269-9001


749 E 12th Avenue
Fort McCoy, WI 54656

3.    Within 1-2 business days of receipt by the Academy of your application, it will be reviewed for eligibility and a letter will be mailed/emailed back to you.

I recommend listing a valid email address when you submit the application in order to speed the correspondence time. You will also receive a list with any missing/needed documentation. Make sure to watch your email’s SPAM folder as well.

4.    Attend an Orientation at Fort McCoy

Bring all of the missing documentation with you to the orientation to complete your application packet. If you are struggling to find a mentor, we will talk more about finding one at Orientation.

5.    After attending the Orientation, decide if the program is something that you want to commit to, and call Admissions Coordinator DeWitt at (608) 269-4605 to let her know what your decision is.


6.    Acceptance will begin December (for January class) or June (for July class) and continue until all available slots are filled based on application completeness and time of application submittal.


7.    After receiving your Acceptance Packet, report to Fort McCoy at assigned date in January or July.